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Perfect World is getting a new Wild Awakens expansion

Perfect World is getting a new Wild Awakens expansion

Also new are the new Lunar Watchtower instance, Wanderer class and new features

New expansion wild awakening Now available in MMO perfect world, to bring more features to the online PC game. For the first time since its launch, a new racing category has been given Wild. Now, in addition to facing new missions, players will be able to transform into a brutal gorilla and get more rewards in the new game. lunar watchtower.

See below for key news on Wild Awakens:

  • wanderer – The new Wanderer class is an extension of the Wildlings race, the first since the game was launched in 2008. Based on the legendary Monkey King Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology, the Wanderer is a damage-focused fighter who, like other members of the race can transform into monstrous beasts. His modified version is a ferocious gorilla, making him a force of nature on the battlefield.
  • lunar watchtower – A new example targeting higher-level characters, where players will have many restrictions, such as the number of times they can be revived, as well as equipment with balanced stats. This new challenge must be done as a team, so team up with other players and get ready for battle!

fired by Top Level Games Set in 2008 Brazil, Perfect World is a free online RPG with a rich world based on Chinese folklore and culture. The game is lightweight and ideal for both laptops and traditional PCs, as well as a strong lineup for gamers. perfect world It already contains content over 10 expansions since its launch.

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perfect world Available for PC.

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