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Pernille Sorensen is absent from New York again

Pernille Sorensen is absent from New York again

On tonight’s “Nytt på nytt,” comedian Isalill Kolpus can be seen stepping in for Pernille Sørensen, who sits on the panel permanently every Friday.

This Friday will not appear.

About the massacre: – Completely destroyed

On Instagram, presenter Bård Tufte Johansen jokingly wrote that Sørensen is “in Moscow for his one-year anniversary”. Friday marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine.

NRK Dagbladet reports that Sørensen is on winter break this week, as well as being busy with “Side om side” jobs.

It is not known whether she actually spent her winter holidays in Moscow.

Sophie Elise will be the subject of New Again on Friday, February 17th. Video: NRC
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previously absent

Sørensen also needed a replacement in January 2022. By then she and Johan Golden had ended up in quarantine due to her corona infection at home.

The comedian then confirmed to Dagbladet that it was his son who was injured, but he did not want to make any further comment.

Hit - again

Hit – again

As both Sørensen and Golden disappeared from their roles as “friends”, NRK had to bring in two replacements. Then the choice fell on fashionista Jenny Skavlan and author Ann Holt.

The following month she ended up in quarantine again – and then it was Christian Mikkelsen, the NRK profiler, who filled her shoes.

Atle Antonsen became a topic during Thursday’s taping of Nytt på Nytt.
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In recent months, “Nytt på nytt” has received a lot of column space, mostly due to news stories that were of particular general interest.

Among other things, Golden joked about his partner Atlee Antonsen, in the wake of the much-discussed racism report.

Dro nazivits about comrade

Dro nazivits about comrade

They also sent a jab in the direction of Sofie Steen Isachsen, better known as influencer Sophie Elise, after she shared a much-talked-about photo on Instagram nearly two weeks ago on Sunday.

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