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PETA asks Ubisoft to replace existing Cockfighting in Far Cry 6

PETA asks Ubisoft to replace existing Cockfighting in Far Cry 6

A few days after the release of Far Cry 6, PETA (American non-profit animal rights organization) asked Ubisoft to modify the game, in particular the Cock Fights minigame.

PETA Latino released the following statement:

Turning a bloody and horrific sport like Cockfights into a Mortal Kombat-style video game is far from an innovation, with modern society staunchly opposed to fighting to the death between animals. The roosters used in these fights are shaped with sharp protrusions that can pierce the skin and bone, inflicting deadly and painful injuries. PETA Latino urgently asks Ubisoft to replace this hateful little game with one that does not glorify cruelty“,” Alicia Aguayo, PETA Senior Director.

Ubisoft responded with the following statement:

Far Cry 6 is an action fantasy set in Yara, a fictional Caribbean island. Many of the optional activities are part of the Yara culture and history, which in turn are inspired by a variety of Latin American cultures.“.

IGN Portugal has already had the opportunity to play and analyze Far Cry 6, which you can read about here, considering the “The ultimate exponent of the open world formula from Ubisoft. It is a pleasure to explore Yarra Island and all its corners, where we have tremendous freedom to face all its challenges. Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito) is a villain who will remain in the memory of all players, even if the rest of the characters in the narrative are not his specialty. A must for fans of the open world game“.

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