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Peter Stordalen and Marta Elander Westen on a luxury pig holiday

Peter Stordalen and Marta Elander Westen on a luxury pig holiday

For years, Peter Stordalen (61) has been referred to as the “Hotel King,” and that may be true. The man is behind several hotels spread throughout the Nordic region, and in doing so he has built a very small gold mine.


  • Peter Stordalen was recently on a luxury holiday on the French Riviera with his Swedish girlfriend Marta Elander Westen.
  • They stayed at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat.
  • It is not known what room they stayed in, but room rates range from NOK 15,825 to NOK 94,953 per night.

Stordalen is known to need salt in his porridge, and now it appears he has opened his wallet in connection with a holiday trip. He was accompanied by his Swedish girlfriend, Marta Elander Vesten (34), on a trip to the French Riviera recently, perhaps for her birthday.

Honoring a friend

Wistén shared several photos from the luxury vacation on Instagram, and it appears they stayed at the Four Seasons Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, which is also Swedish to hand in And I mentioned.

Dagbladet doesn't know how long Stordalen and Westén spent at the hotel, or what type of room they stayed in, but a quick look at Their websites He reveals that it is very expensive.

time is passing: Peter Stordalen's video is going viral on social media.
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With the caveat that prices depend on when you travel on holiday and can change, the cheapest hotel room costs NOK 15,825. It falls into the category of “guest rooms”, and if you also take breakfast, the price will be steeper – 17,243 NOK.

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Under the “Signature Suites” category you will find the most expensive rooms. The most expensive suite is the Grand-Hôtel Suite, which costs NOK 94,953 per night. If you skip breakfast, the price is NOK 93,535.

- I diverged

– I diverged

For those who can fancy something 'in between', you can book a standard suite, where prices are around 60,000 NOK per night.

The dates checked by Dagbladet are Friday to Saturday in early May.

It is not known what type of room Stordalen and Wistén entered.