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Thursday 18 November 2021

Version: Thursday 18 November 2021

the health

Photo: Radio Sera broadcast by Vitor Matos

November draws attention to men’s health care. This movement is done to emphasize the importance of paying attention to various aspects of health, but mainly in relation to the prostate, which aims to assist in the reproductive process. Annually, about 65,840 people are diagnosed with this type of cancer, according to INCA.

November 17 marks the International Day against Prostate Cancer, tumors that usually affect the posterior region of the organ, and can be accessed through a transrectal examination. According to urologist Rafael Gabrić, care and examinations can ensure an early diagnosis, and therefore greater chances of a cure.

When these tumors reach volumes greater than 0.2 ml, they can begin to be detected with rectal examinations. In 18% of cases the disease is detected in this way even though the patient has had a PSA test and the result is normal. Therefore, detection of a tumor can only be guaranteed in a blood test,” he said

In Petropolis, RadioSerra, the regional center for radiotherapy, in Petropolis, the mountainous region of Rio, held talks, panel discussions, breakfast and a reception for men undergoing treatment against the disease. The initiative aims to provide care for diagnosed patients, especially in such a difficult period, such as dealing with cancer. Actions this week will include haircuts, massage therapy, Reiki, and more. The schedule starts at 9 a.m. this Thursday (18).

Exam is still taboo

Prostate tumors are responsible for about 29% of men’s cancers. The main obstacle in the confrontation is the taboo that many men have regarding touch. For this reason, in many cases, cancers are detected late. However, according to radiation oncologist Daniel Przybysz, the expansion of technology, along with medicine, has made it possible to achieve good results.

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We have some solutions available for these conditions, such as surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In addition, it is also possible to treat through medications, hormonal blockages and even observation through tests, which is possible today with the advancement of medicine. He explained that the main ones are still surgery and radiotherapy, but they are all determined according to the stage of the disease, age and other factors.

prevention habits

A urologist warns of habits that can help prevent disease, such as the importance of balancing meals by replacing frequently eaten carbohydrates and fats, and controlling obesity, among others. “One way to prevent the onset of prostate cancer is by adopting healthy habits such as eating and physical activity and avoiding excessive alcohol. Smoking is a factor that ultimately stimulates the development of the disease, so it is worth warning,” Gabrich notes.

According to Przybysz, who is also the technical director of the Regional Center for Radiotherapy, the cure rate for treatments that use radiation is over 90%. “This method is indicated for patients at medium or high risk and is currently one of the forms of treatment that guarantees the best treatment. Since there is no direct radioactive contact with the patient, side effects are significantly reduced. Another relevant point currently is the reduction of treatment time, Which was up to 42 days, to about 20 days. He concludes that the disease has a good chance of recovery and the side effects are very low given the timely treatment.”

The Regional Radiotherapy Center serves patients from the municipalities of the Serrana and Sul Fluminense region, such as Três Rios, Nova Friburgo and others. RadioSerra – Regional Center for Radiotherapy is located in Rua Dr. Sá Earp, 309 – Morin. More information can be obtained by calling (24) 2246-1724 / (24) 2237-5742 or on instagram @radioserraradioterapia.

Thursday 18 November 2021

Version: Thursday 18 November 2021