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PGR opens investigation into Bruno de Carvalho after domestic violence complaint

PGR opens investigation into Bruno de Carvalho after domestic violence complaint

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (PGR) has opened an investigation into former Sporting Club de Portugal president Bruno de Carvalho, following a complaint about domestic violence, the Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed Wednesday to Lusa.

The Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) announced Sunday that it has filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office about Bruno de Carvalho’s “threatening behavior” toward another Big Brother competitor.

In response to a question by Lusa, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed the opening of an investigation.

“A related investigation has been confirmed. The same is true of the Specialized Integrated Department of Domestic Violence (SEIVD) in Sintra,” says the memo sent to Lusa.

According to the CIG, an entity that is part of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which filed a complaint, the behavior of rival Bruno de Carvalho “is likely to constitute the practice of a public offense related to domestic violence, both psychological and physical”.

The commission said in a statement that it was aware of videos posted on social networks taken from the TV program Big Brother, shown by TVI, “in which one can witness the threatening behavior of competitor Bruno de Carvalho towards his rival girlfriend. Liliana, even tightening her neck in an unpleasant way. It is clearly uncomfortable.”

“In compliance with its powers, CIG has notified TVI that this television station must immediately take the necessary steps to put an end to this situation, which may constitute the practice of a general crime of domestic violence, on a psychological level.” The committee that “has already submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecution regarding the above-mentioned facts.”

CIG, which succeeded the previous Commission for Equality and Women’s Rights, is the national body responsible for implementing public policies in the areas of citizenship and promoting and defending gender equality, under the supervision of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality.

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Today, the media regulator (ERC) confirmed to Lusa that it had received complaints about alleged cases of psychological and physical violence on TVI’s Big Brother Famosos show, which are “under consideration.”

“The Equity and Reconciliation Commission confirms receiving contributions from citizens and representative associations, regarding alleged cases of psychological and physical violence verified in the Big Brother Famosos program, broadcast by TVI,” when questioned on this topic.

“These shares are under consideration by the entity’s services,” the media regulator adds.

Regarding the current situation, ERC notes that “when there is a decision on them,” the regulator will “proceed as usual with public disclosure on its website.”

The Equity and Reconciliation Commission did not say how many complaints it had received so far.

When there is a decision, the regulator adds, “the issues involved and the number of shares valued will be public as well.”