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Philip Mickenbecker († 23): YouTuber is dead

Philip Mickenbecker († 23): YouTuber is dead

Philip Mickenbecker (23)
The YouTube star is dead

Philip Mickenbecker


Philip Mickenbecker was a fighter who never wanted to give up. But life is not always fair. On June 9, 2021, he lost his battle with cancer. He is 23 years old.

“Philip died yesterday at the hospital of severe bleeding,” Philip Mickenbecker’s brother says in tears in a farewell video, which has now been posted on YouTube. He died with his loved ones.

Philip Mickenbecker died at the age of 23

“We were all with him. He has been in great pain for the past few weeks and we know he’s in a good place now. Jesus held our hand yesterday. We are incredibly grateful for such an incredible best friend. We are grateful for every moment we have been able to enjoy with him in recent years. Philip was completely at peace with the situation and was very happy about all your prayers.He wanted you to know Jesus personally and take it to your heart, “Announce to his family and friends.

On Wednesday (July 9, 2021), Mickenbecker’s friends posted an alarming update on his health on Instagram account “The Real Life Guys”. “Today he was taken to the hospital because he lost a lot of blood when a vessel was opened,” said a 23-year-old friend. Then they called online to pray for Philip. It is his choice.

Philip Mickenbecker was diagnosed with lymphadenopathy for the first time at the age of 16 and defeated insidious disease. He did it again, but it should not last long. When he was diagnosed with cancer for the third time in September 2020, the disease was so advanced that doctors could do nothing for him. After a while, he promised to continue uploading YouTube videos “as often as possible.” Giving up was never an option for him.

In November of last year he said at the SWR Night Cafe: “I was able to take advantage of the idea of ​​leaving the previous one. Looking back on my life, I had a very fulfilling, eventful life.”

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