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Photo manager about a new photo of the Swedish royal couple: – Photoshop was used

Photo manager about a new photo of the Swedish royal couple: – Photoshop was used

Princess Kate, 42, isn't the only one who has received critical attention for her photo editing.

Mexico: This photo series of Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustav in Mexico is now in focus. Photography: Jonas Ekstromer/TT News Agency/TT

Swedish Express He points to a recently published photo of the Swedish royal family Instagram accountwhich seems to have gone through a bit of a strange process.

Many in the comments section are confused by the photo and are wondering if the royal couple have been 'chopped'.

The royal couple is currently on a state visit to Mexico. But they didn't take the photo themselves or fix it. On the other hand, there is a photojournalist from the Swedish news agency TT, following the royal couple, who took this photo and several others.

– A bit careless

In particular, the right side of King Carl Gustav and the surrounding parts of the Queen's dress do not appear to perfectly match the surrounding environment in a natural way.

Photo: Jonas Ekstromer/TT

And this is absolutely true.

It was his last visit to Mexico, and he was perhaps a bit careless when making his masks, says TT's head of photography, Mats Schagerström, about the agency's photographer, Jonas Ekströmer.

-You can see behind the king's head that it's a bit dark. The director of photography explains that this is because he may not have been very careful when he created the masks in Photoshop Express.

Here's the photo the royal couple posted on Friday:

However, the TT director explains that this is a fairly common procedure.

– The royal couple is standing in the shadows with a very light background, where you can see the pyramid. So what the photographer did was, as he always did, he blurred out the background. Then it won't be completely white, and you can see what's in the background, he says.

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However, Schagerstrom believes it is a good idea for royal followers to question the photos and be on their guard.

“We have William and Kate to thank for that,” he says, pointing to the photo taken by the British royal couple on Sunday last week.

– Disputed

VG Espen photo director Sjølingstad Hoen says that such examples of post-processing of press photos are not allowed at VG.

– Here it appears that the photo agency TT or the photographer processed the images in a way that exceeds what is permitted for processing images from news photos, he said.

– When such images come to us through agencies or other image suppliers, the goal is to stop the image before publication.

VG's photo director believes it may appear that a technique has been used where two versions of the original are made: one is edited for the background and the other is edited so that people look their best.

– The two versions of the images are then combined together in Photoshop.

– This method of processing images is controversial in journalism, which can raise doubts about the credibility of the documentary value of the news photo.

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