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Photo of Francisco Valle’s “secret” girlfriend from Big Brother

Photo of Francisco Valle’s “secret” girlfriend from Big Brother

Francisco Valle left the big brother last Sunday at the request of the Portuguese and is still accused of having a girlfriend abroad.

Flavio Furtado during the ceremonyThe young man ended up confronting Francisco Valle about his “girlfriend” named Della. He emphasized that they are just friends.

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The next morning, in the presence of Claudio Ramos and Cristina Ferreira on the program “Dois à 10”, Francisco Valle commented on the matter, saying:I’ve had previous relationships, the last one I ended in March, and since then I haven’t been in a relationship again“.

He also admittedThere was one person closest to me, yes, a woman, and we were very intimate. She helped me overcome several things in my life, before entering [no Big Brother]”, But she was not a friend or friend of color

He confirms that he loves Jessica Galhovas, He further adds: “All I went to was Francisco Valle, everything! I was honest in everything you said, I feel like I didn’t need to be a couple there“.

Francisco Valle and Jessica Galhovas

Della, Francisco Valle’s friend

TV 7 Dias, which will be released on newsstands tomorrow, contains a photo of the so-called “girlfriend”, and the “girlfriend” said it all, “I could tell she was a friend because one thing’s for sure, and now she’s not!”

Sandra Cruz, Jessica Galhovas’ mother, already understood what was happening outside and, in statements to the same publication, realized that she would have to see it with her own eyes, and would have to draw conclusions.

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7 Days TV cover

Big Brother - Francisco Valle's girlfriend photo

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