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Piłkarze Śląska Wrocław wygrali z z estońskim Paide Linnameeskond 2:1 w pierwszej rundzie Ligi Konferencji Europy

Piarskarska LK: ட்ląsk Wrocław defeated Byte Lynnamscond

Alosk Vroka’s players beat Estonian Byte Lynnamiskand 2: 1 in the first round of the European Conference League

The start of the Alaskin game was very promising because it took less than 120 seconds and the hosts took twice in the penalty area. Robert Pitch had a chance to beat goalkeeper Byte, but he missed the target. Emotions ended here for long minutes. The Wroclaw team had an optical advantage, they played the ball often, but they played very slowly to get the thick defense of their opponents. They mostly tried to play long pass and it posed no danger. The group from Estonia focused on thwarting the attacks in Silesia and attempted counter-attacks.

Before the break, it was only once again interesting. After a few quick passes without accepting, Voltaire Sopoda found himself in a better situation. The player from Alaska was the only goalkeeper byte in front of him, but he tried so badly that Michael Axel was able to hit the ball.

After changing the pages, the picture of the game did not change much. It is true that the Wroclaw players were often able to enter the penalty area of ​​their opponents, but still had no goals. It turned out to be more than a quarter of an hour when Mathews Presley had a chance to score after a good deed, but he scored very lightly.

A few minutes ago, Fabian Piazzi appeared on the pitch, the hero of another Silesia campaign. After Patrick Janasick played inside the penalty area, Brusselik cleverly missed the ball, and the Vroga striker hit the defender byte and hit the net from close range.

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With three minutes to go, Piazzi could already have two goals on his account. After a cross from the right, the Alesk player won his rivals again, but this time Axel did not let himself be surprised.
When a goal was scored, the hosts equalized when it appeared that the Polish team had scored it. After a steady portion of the game, the team from Vrogo kicked the ball, but in a moment it was shot back at sixteen, where Wojciech Kolla intervened so badly that Mikes Sromnik got confused and hit the net.

Moments later, Silesia had to lead again, but Brusselik missed a dangerous shot from the penalty area. The residents of Wroclaw put pressure, but they wasted more opportunities. Until the 89th minute. Then Bitch and Krzysztof Mekzyaski briefly played in a corner, the latter crossed the head of Marek Thomas, who set the end of the match with a close shot.

Goals: To Byte Linnammescond – Wojciech Golla (77-suicide); To Silesia Vroga: Fabian Piazzi (66), Mark Thomas (89th head).

Yellow card – Byte Linnammescond: Henry Anier, Abdul Razak Yousif; Silesia Vrogov: Sebastian Bergier.

Judge: Azot Chaldean (Armenia).

AUDIENCE: About 1500.

Fight City Team: Michael Axelu – Joseph Saliste, Ragnar Klavan (71. Hadji Dream), Ishaq Konda, Hindrek Ojama – Andre Frolov, Abdul Razak Youssef, Carl Moole – Seam Lutz (90. Debias Owus-Seckier), Edgar (90) .

Slask Rokla:
Mike Sromnick – Simon Lovecode, Wojciech Golla, Mark Thomas – Patrick Janasic, Krzysztof Mexiasky, Mattus Presselick (86. Rafa Magovsky), Dino Stickleck (86. Victor Garcia).