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Pictures from Vanessa Rebelo's 40th birthday party, Simao Sabrosa's wife - News

Pictures from Vanessa Rebelo’s 40th birthday party, Simao Sabrosa’s wife – News

This weekend was a party for Vanessa Rebelo, Simao Sabrosa’s wife. The interior designer blew out her 40th birthday candles and recorded the celebration on social media by sharing a series of photos.

“40 with a lot of love. This is my 40-year-old family. My home stickers, the ones I love, the ones that have grown so much. It’s been 40 years and I’m still dreaming, this is me, the one who loves to decorate, loves new challenges, the one who always smiles up.” After stressing, “he began writing annotating the sequence of images.

Pointing to her companion, she said, “Thank you, love for that much affection. It was a wonderful journey by your side. We are on our way to another trip.”

Before completion, Vanessa stressed that the party has met the security rules against Covid-19. “Forty, mother of two amazing Indians, very complete with you … The love that I have does not suit me much happiness to host you … Thanks to my crazy friends who gave me a surprise yesterday, but all of them had a negative test result, it was not a huge party because it could not To be so, but it was a family snack with a lot of love. “

See pictures of the party in the gallery.

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