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Pictures: Neymar's belly on vacation sparks controversy on social media

Pictures: Neymar’s belly on vacation sparks controversy on social media

After his participation in the Copa America, Neymar is still enjoying a period of vacation before returning to perform at Paris Saint-Germain.

Like other football stars, Like Messi and Luis Suarez, the Brazilian striker chose Ibiza to have a good time in the company of friends, and from afar, he was caught by a photographer on a yacht.

Without a jacket, Neymar appears to have a few extra pounds. At least compared to what you usually see during periods of competition.

Social networks were unforgiving, and on Twitter a discussion began about the more rounded shape of the Brazilian star. There were those who mocked the situation, who remembered that Ronaldo was fatter when he led Brazil to winning the 2002 World Cup, to those who considered Neymar in good shape and said that the player was like that for a while. a few years

In shape or a little lower, nothing is difficult to correct with a few training sessions and a more structured diet when you return to work.