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Pictures of Angelina Jolie injured after revealing alleged anger with Brad Pitt

Pictures of Angelina Jolie injured after revealing alleged anger with Brad Pitt

FPictures of Angelina Jolie’s injuries were revealed after she was said to have gotten into a heated argument with Brad Pitt during a private jet flight in September 2016.

As Page Six reported, the actress sent photos of bruises on her hand and elbow to the FBI, so that the incident – which led to the divorce – could be investigated.

Jolie reportedly told inspectors that Pitt, who was drinking at the time, also yelled at her in the plane bathroom, on a flight between France and the United States.

The artist claimed that Beth “grabbed her by the head and shoulders”, shook her and threw her against the bathroom wall, shouting at her: “You are destroying this family.”

Two younger children were at the door crying and asking if “mother is okay”.

“No, mommy’s not feeling well. You’re destroying this family. She’s crazy,” Pete replied.

According to Jolie, one of the kids responded, “It’s not her, you,” which made Pete angry. The actor reportedly addressed one of the children “as if he was going to attack her”, at which point Jolie tried to stop him by holding him in the neck, causing him to throw himself backwards and hitting the actress on the chairs.

Angelina injured her back and elbow as a result and shared the photos with the FBI.

© Reproduction – Page Six | FBI Doc

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© Reproduction – Page Six | FBI Doc

After the alleged assaults, Pete continued to drink alcohol. When they arrived in Los Angeles, the couple quarreled.

So far, Brad Pitt has not commented on the allegations.

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