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Pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un losing weight have led to an investigation into the possible use of doubles.

Pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un losing weight have led to an investigation into the possible use of doubles.

The health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has received a lot of attention in recent months. This is after the commander appears noticeably thinner on photos and videos from state media.

Two photos of the North Korean leader, four months apart, have sparked speculation about the possible use of doubles.

This led the South Korean intelligence service (NIS) to conduct an investigation using alleged artificial intelligence and facial analysis using high-resolution video, According to the Associated Press.

During a closed parliamentary assessment, they were said to have concluded that Kim Jong Un had lost 20 kilograms of weight.

burn: New speculation has emerged about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Video: KCTV. Photo: KCTV / NK News
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Not the first time

Unconfirmed rumors about the possible use of doubles are still emerging in the South Korean media, but according to Kim Byung-ki, a member of the South Korean National Assembly, there is no reason to believe it.

He says the change is due to natural weight loss and that Kim’s weight has gone from being almost. 140 kilos to 120 kilos. Earlier, the NIS said the North Korean leader approx. Height 170 cm.

The people of North Korea have previously worried For Kim’s health. After staying out of the spotlight for a while, the dictator appeared on North Korea’s state channel in June with a somewhat unusual interview. It was evident there that the captain was even thinner in the face than before.

This is when the site appeared NK . news Even his expensive watch strap became tighter than it was before.

Nor is it the first time something like this has happened.

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In 2020, Kim disappeared From the screen for 20 days, which in turn led to speculation about possible health issues.

Relaxing Border Restrictions

As a result of the ongoing Corona epidemic, North Korea is experiencing economic difficulties, according to Watchman.

The pandemic has skyrocketed commodity prices, as well as shortages of medicines and other essential supplies. This has led to the spread of waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever.

The country was also unable to import the paper and ink used to make the banknotes, forcing it to issue temporary currency, according to politician Ha Tae Kyung.

It is also said that important trade with China has fallen sharply. According to the shekel, the annual trade agreement was reduced by two-thirds to $185 million, from September last year to the same month this year.

North Korea has not yet reported any cases of coronavirus, which experts have often questioned.

Recently, the World Health Organization NIS reports that North Korea has begun easing its strict covid-19 border restrictions to receive foreign aid.