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Pierre Menace attacks his ex-colleagues on Canal +

Pierre Menace attacks his ex-colleagues on Canal +

The sports journalist promises to be himself “Told to leave”, But his departure was triggered by allegations of sexual misconduct in a documentary (I am not a bitch, I am a journalist) Directed by one of his former colleagues, Mary Portolano. The airing of the documentary on Canal + sparked a lively controversy and opened an internal investigation within the channel.

In his interview Star D. V.Herv கட்டுர Mathos, a former columnist for the Canal Football Club (CFC), is the host of the show. “Him, he was there when I was sick, but when we had to take his C out … no one.” Canal + Pierre did not want to respond to Menas’ words.

The journalist also points to another former colleague, Natalie Inetta. Radio France’s new sports director released an article on March 27 The world, Following the airing of the documentary on Mary Portolano “Rebuilding a System” On the contrary “To put a man to trial” : “Natalie Ineta created her piece in Le Monde. She really destroys me without doing it. I will never forgetThe phone call she gave me when she saw me in the heart of the furnaces. She said: “Exit, this is the best thing you can do.” This is the thing that hurt me the most. “

According to Pierre Menace, he is very touched by this issue “Under stress”. However, the journalist plans to launch his own online site at the beginning of the school year.