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Pietro Lombardi struggles with tears: "I have completely lost myself"

Pietro Lombardi struggles with tears: “I have completely lost myself”

Pietro Lombardi is back on Instagram.

Image: IMAGO / Future Image / Christoph Hart

Imke Geriats

In July, Pietro Lombardi announced his retirement from the public and social media world indefinitely after eleven years. “I don’t have the strength and energy at this point, no matter what my music, diet or other projects, I start a lot of things and break them down again,” he said at the time. Pietro is generally not like that. A lot has happened in the last few years, the musician said.

Now the singer has returned to Instagram with the video after deleting all the posts on his account. The 29-year-old writes of that little clip: “As you know, I decided to take a break three months ago. Many were worried — thanks for all the great news. Before I started creating a story, I created a video to give you an overview of how I am and what happened. I’m back, waiting to see you, Lombardy team! Thanks for everything. “

This is what Pietro Lombardi has to say to his fans

In the video it is particularly emotional because the artist sheds tears even when he speaks. Many see Pietro always smiling and always spreading happiness. But I think there’s a lot you don’t know. “He says in it. Further:

“Somehow I lost myself completely. I lost something. I was completely empty. It was just an inner voice: ‘Hey Pietro, there’s something wrong with you right now. You have to make a cut now.’

The short clip also shows footage of his live performances. When the camera turns to him, he notes: “For me this interview is a very honest interview. This is so wonderful, in fact, I’m not even talking about it. My whole life has changed since then. “

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It’s not clear what Pietro is, because the one-minute clip is just an announcement of what to do on Wednesday evening. Within 13 hours, more than 100,000 people had already marked the contribution with heart. There are over 4,500 comments. Network star Nazi writes: “He’s back. We’re all happy.” Kathy Hummels, Jana Ina Garella or Lily Becker left a lot of hearts for the “Bella Donna” translator – just like her fans, she’s happy to be back.