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Pink October increases search for breast cancer prevention tests

Pink October increases search for breast cancer prevention tests

As the campaign approaches, more and more women are seeking to work in the Women’s Network Against Cancer in Florianópolis

As with almost all cancers, the earlier the diagnosis, the higher the chances of a cure. That is why it is necessary to carry out preventive examinations. and “Pink October”, Annual campaign against breast cancerIt aims to alert women and society to the importance of prevention and early diagnosis, and to provide more access to disease diagnosis and treatment.

Preventive breast cancer screenings are being carried out at the Women’s Network headquarters – Photo: Leo Munhos/ND

Last year, 660 women died of the disease in Santa Catarina. According to the Inca (National Cancer Institute), 3,370 new cases of breast cancer were estimated this year in Santa Catarina, with an estimated risk of 75.24 cases per 100,000 women, higher than the estimate for Brazil, which is 61.61. .

In Florianópolis, according to Inca data, for 2021, the number of cases is estimated at 340 and the rate of 107.29 per 100 thousand women.

“This Pink October movement is amazing, because it is a time to educate women about the importance of preventive testing,” the association’s president commented. Women’s Cancer Network in Florianópolis, Zeta merillis.

Zeta Meirelles, President of the Women's Network Against Cancer in Florianópolis – # 8211;  Photo: Leo Munhos/NDZeta Meirelles, President of the Women’s Network Against Cancer in Florianópolis – Photo: Leo Munhos / ND

For her, working to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis should not be limited to just one month, but throughout the year. “It is not only in October that people can consider taking their exams, but that is what is happening today,” Zeta said.

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According to the head of Rede Feminina, as the campaign month approaches, the demand for assistance in the entity is increasing.

Rede Feminina’s chairwoman said publication in the media is positive for promoting the Pink October campaign, but Zeta has demanded more attention throughout the year. “That’s what you also remember in the beginning, in the middle, all year long,” he said.

Women’s Network Return Service

During a long period without assistance, about a year and a half, due to the epidemic, the Florianópolis Women’s Cancer Network resumed in August helping dozens of women who request the unit daily for preventive breast and cervical cancer screenings as well as in support of patients afflicted with the disease.

Rede Feminina serves about 200 women per month – # 8211;  Photo: Leo Munhos/NDRede Feminina serves about 200 women per month – Photo: Leo Munhoz / ND

On this return, the chain offers service from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, by appointment, to avoid crowds. As a result, the number of tests that were before the pandemic was 20 to 24 per day is now restricted to a maximum of 12.

The network includes 52 volunteers and supports itself financially with donations and events affected by the Covid-19 health crisis.

The non-profit organization had planned to hold the Feijoada Festival at the beginning of November and draw at the end of the year to raise funds and maintain the monthly service for about 200 women. A bazaar with clothes and shoes working at the headquarters of the institution helps with finances.

The head of the Women’s Network Against Cancer in Florianópolis said she needed more support from companies in the capital of Santa Catarina and emphasized the resources made available by the Havan supermarket chain, which had allocated R$96,800, through the Troco Solidário campaign, and was needed to renovate the building and have a modern table. For a gynecologist to examine the cervix.

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Breast cancer mortality in SC

According to a survey conducted by the Directorate of Epidemiological Control in Santa Catarina, the state recorded, last year, the deaths of 660 women who were victims of breast cancer. In 2021 through September 24, 429 people died from the disease.

Main symptoms

The main suspected signs and symptoms of breast cancer are: a lump (node), usually firm, firm and painless; Breast skin is reddish or looks like an orange peel, nipple (nipple) changes and spontaneous fluid discharge from one of the nipples. Small nodules may also appear in the neck or under the arms (armpits).

Women’s Cancer Network in Florianópolis

Exams are from Monday to Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. There are no fees to take the exams. The following tests may be performed:

a) Preventive against cervical cancer (cervical, colposcopy, biopsies)

b) Clinical breast examination.

Appointments are made by appointment through the following channels: Tel: 1398-3224 48 | WhatsApp: 48 98811-7192;

The network is headquartered in Rua Rui Barbosa, nº 736, Agronômica.

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