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Pinto da Costa criticizes DGS and Antonio Costa: "fire them, and if you can't, quit" - Sports

Pinto da Costa criticizes DGS and Antonio Costa: “fire them, and if you can’t, quit” – Sports

Pinto da Costa left harsh criticism of the Portuguese government and the DGS, after yesterday there was an audience in the Champions League final, there was an audience at the musical performances at Pavilhão Rosa Mota, but there were no fans in the Dragão Arena basketball match between FC Porto and Sporting.

“I would like to give advice to Prime Minister Antonio Costa: Obviously, you will fire them, and if you are not able, you will resign,” the president of Porto told the Porto Canal.

“Here is sadness, it is an important game that deserves a whole house, we have an empty house, we have seats completely alone, without anyone, which is unfortunate and incomprehensible. Yesterday I had the opportunity to tell the Minister from Education, in the UEFA Champions League final, that they were gravediggers for Portuguese sport And more than the gravediggers, they provide a great example. I’ll be very mild, a great example of exaggeration, “he began by saying.

“I asked the minister if he understood how the crucial basketball game today could not be watched. Yesterday and the day before yesterday in Pavelhao Rosa Motta, inside, there were 2,500 people gathered, most of them without a mask watching a musical performance. He didn’t know how to answer. I said.” To him: “Neither you nor anyone else knows, because for stupid things only stupid people can understand, so that’s a sign that you are really smart,” added Pinto da Costa.

“It is a pity and what happened here yesterday was evidence that there could be people in the stadiums, the Champions League final with two English teams, the English fans are traditionally dangerous, in which there has not been a single incident on the field. Order, discipline, distance, masks, all … There was an incident in the city center, as in Albufeira, around the same time, as in all places with large gatherings and alcohol abuse, as the English traditionally do, “he noted.

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“Now, on the part of the government, the average performance certificate of the Portuguese people to allow foreigners to come to our stadiums and there were more than 15 thousand people here, because the Portuguese in the same stadium cannot come. It’s a pity, we need a guy like Humberto Delgado to say” Obviously, he has resigned, “That famous phrase unfortunately, there are no Humbertos Delgados in our country, so it is a shame to have empty pavilions for sports and full venues for musical performances; to see stadiums with nearly half of the audience to watch foreign bands and frequented by foreigners and the Portuguese cannot. They have to stay outside and sometimes in larger gatherings than if they were inside, ”the blue and white leader continued.

“ Naturally, there is no more waiting, when the head of the DGS, when the epidemic started, came to officially say that it was a cold that barely got here, when I then went to the TV to inform her that no one wore a mask, with Humberto Delgado being fired from work. After more than a year, he continues to mock the Portuguese people, which is a sign of mockery.Outside, no one understands that you can have an audience in the stadiums if the crowd is English, if you are Portuguese, you have to stay outside.I would like to leave a tip for the Prime Minister Antonio Costa: Obviously I’m turning them down, and if you’re not able, you’ll quit, ”Pinto da Costa concluded.