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Pinto da Costa on Rui Costa: "Outside, people have to understand each other" - FC Porto

Pinto da Costa on Rui Costa: “Outside, people have to understand each other” – FC Porto

The leader of FC Porto even called up Fernando Martins, the former president of Benfica and a “great friend”

Bento da Costa and Rui Costa sparkled in a moment of peace in the derby match between FC Porto and Benfica, on December 30, as they exchanged hugs before the match started. A gesture that the Chief of Dragons considered ordinary, the Chief of the Eagles slammed it. Something that Pinto da Costa finds hard to understand. “This is someone who thinks football is war and I don’t see football that way. On the field everyone has to do their best to win, but the people outside have to understand each other. One of my great friends who I feel right now is wrong It was Fernando Martins, he was the president of Benfica, he was a great president, unfortunately not with us. He had nothing to do with Benfica, through our presidency we established a friendship that far exceeded him after he left Benfica, until his death. He went first, but until his disappearance every year he would invite me to go to a feast His birthday and I’ve always been there. It has nothing to do with it. If someone doesn’t like me come along, be patient, it’s his problem, I’m not worried about it. I don’t mix people with clubs,” he said, register.

by Roy Souza


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