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Pinto da Costa will continue on the FC Porto Supreme Council

Pinto da Costa will continue on the FC Porto Supreme Council

Pinto da Costa, former president of FC Porto, will remain on the club's Supreme Council for a period of four years from 2024-2028, as stipulated in the Dragons' statute.

According to point B of Article 69 of the Statutes of the FC Porto regarding the composition of the Supreme Council, it states: “The president and vice-presidents of the current administrative bodies, as well as the presidents and vice-presidents of the governing bodies of the bodies entrusted with the immediately preceding mandate, provided that they have fulfilled their respective mandates.” “Completely.”

Now, as JN also confirmed, all presidents and vice-presidents of FC Porto's institutional bodies (General Assembly Council, Management, Financial and Disciplinary Council) will retain a seat on the club's Supreme Council. inherent.

Thus, Pinto da Costa, Lourenço Pinto, Nuno Namora, Adelino Caldeira, Alipio Jorge, Fernando Gomez, José Américo Amorim, Paulo Moraes, Vitor Baia, Jorge Guimarães and Felipe Moreira will be part of the Supreme Council.

As we found out, André Villas-Boas' list will include 15 members of the Supreme Council during this period Elected members; Pinto da Costa's list will include four items, and finally List D – affiliated with the Independent Movement headed by Miguel Bras da Cunha – will contain one item.

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