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"Pipoca" posts a picture with her boyfriend and declares: "All I need"

“Pipoca” posts a picture with her boyfriend and declares: “All I need”

eThis Saturday, Ana Garcia Martins (‘A Pipoca Mais Doce’) ended the Christmas festivities with a declaration of love that left her followers completely touched.

The digital influencer shared a photo of her embracing her boyfriend and in the caption, she showed herself increasingly in love.

“We meet in summer, we go through autumn, we go into winter and we just need spring to make the seasons full. We enjoy the sun and the beach, but very recent studies prove that with proper survival and coping techniques, we also get along well in rain and cold. That’s what it is: a hug. which I never lack. But it is also laughter, patience (a lot), friendship, company, Bellinis, travel, plans. Love Yesterday someone said I received a few gifts for this Christmas, but I do not agree. I received everything I needed and I didn’t I know “.

And he ended with characteristic sarcasm: “I really enjoyed meeting you, but he’s going to kill me then, I swear. Or finish me. If this is your second chance, find me on Tinder.”

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