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"Pipoca" travels with her mother after her father's death: "You are sad" - News

“Pipoca” travels with her mother after her father’s death: “You are sad” – News

Ana Garcia Martins (aka “A Pipoca Mais Doce”) has finally revealed who accompanied her on the trip to Madeira. In addition to the children, the digital influencer meets the mother and the journey as she tells it has special meaning.

A former “Big Brother” commentator who provides her mother with days off as a way to thank her for her dedication to her husband’s last life. Remember, Popcorn lost his father on June 11th.

“My mother has spent the past few years doing full-time caregivers. It is an undervalued, often thankless, stressful job that has consumed her physical and mental health, but put in it all her patience and all her love. Because she was the love of her life, and there is no Lots of like that, those who last for 50 years and even die.” I know he was sick, but he was my company, and we were always one of those couples who did everything together he told me, “he started by saying in a post published on Friday.

“I know you’re heartbroken, which is why I really wanted to put her on a plane and bring her on vacation in ‘no finger move’ mode. Because she’s done a lot lately (although I don’t think so it was just her duty), that’s just the bottom line ‘, he stressed.

Ana Garcia Martins also stated that her mother had “never lost a sense of nurturing” and that she had “now passed it on to her grandchildren,” Mateus and Benedetta. “She wants to be the one to bathe, dress them, and go to the sea to get a bucket of water. Sometimes I have to remind her she has to learn to rest, but this five-foot-tall woman is a hurricane who doesn’t know how to be calm.” And maybe that’s what keeps it going.”

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It is worth noting that the “Bibuka Journey” sparked rumors that she would be in the company of her alleged new boyfriend, a rumor that was quickly clarified.

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