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Pixel 6 owners reported a ‘fatal error’ after updating to Android 14

Pixel 6 owners reported a ‘fatal error’ after updating to Android 14

Android 14, the new operating system from Google, caused problems for users of the Pixel 6 line, and according to reports on the social network Reddit and also on other platforms, the latest software released by the company caused an error that prevents access to the storage space inside the phone. devices, rendering them practically inoperable.

The bug appears to only affect devices that had more than one user account registered before the update, with owners reporting the main account failing. The issue appears to be present across all versions of the 2021 lineup, including the Pixel 6a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro – and there are no reports on the latest generation!

Google has not yet commented on the cause or solution of the problem, which may lead to the loss of personal data. The recommendation is for Pixel 6 owners to wait for a fix before installing Android 14.

This version of the system was announced this year by Google and includes some improvements and new features. Advancements include Creative Mode, which allows users to create original and personalized content from voice or text commands, and Accurate Mode, which allows users to obtain reliable and up-to-date information on any topic or issue.

In addition to these modes, Android 14 also provides Balanced Mode, which combines the functions of Creative Mode and Fine Mode, adapting to users’ needs and situations.

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