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PJ took over the car in which Pedro Calado competed in the Madeira Rally

PJ took over the car in which Pedro Calado competed in the Madeira Rally

Authorities believe the former mayor of Funchal was paid to award contracts for several public tenders to companies that sponsored him, JE revealed.

The car in which Pedro Calado, the former mayor of Funchal, competes in the Vinho Madeira Rally, has been seized in the massive search operation carried out as part of the corruption case in Madeira, according to information provided by JE in this year's weekly edition. Friday – exhibition on the stands.

Remember that Pedro Calado has been present in this car competition since 2016 as a co-driver. The authorities believe that as part of the granting of sponsorship to the former mayor of the Funchal team, there are indications that Pedro Calado also received money in exchange for awarding contracts for various public competitions to the companies that sponsored him.

JE understands that a Skoda Fabia Evo Rally2 has been snapped up in Aguiar da Beira by an auxiliary company with a great motorsport tradition in Portugal, ARC Sport, one of the companies visited in 130 home and non-home searches last week.

It is worth noting that his co-driver, Pedro Calado, won several races with the ARC Sport team from Aguiar da Pera, and in August last year he reached the podium with driver Alexandre Camacho when they won the 64th edition of the Vinho Madeira Rally.

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