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Planning a huge party: - Like never before

Planning a huge party: – Like never before

The city, which has long been one of the hotbeds of coronary heart disease, has opened in recent months.

In August, the full reopening will be celebrated with “Homecoming Week.” The concert at “The Great Lawn” in Central Park will be the biggest event.

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The city hired legendary record producer Clive Davis to plan the concert, which promises eight creative artists.

It will be a once in a lifetime experience, and it will be absolutely amazing. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the whole week will be something he’s never seen in New York before The New York Times.

60,000 people are scheduled to be admitted to the concert. Most are promised to be free, while some VIP tickets will be sold out for the event which will also be televised.

According to the New York Times, 70 percent of tickets will go to people who have received the Corona vaccine. According to the newspaper, about 48 percent of the city’s population of just over eight million have been vaccinated so far.

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New York was one of them most affected The United States, and has long been referred to as the epicenter of the country.

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At worst, a year ago, More died daily in New York of the number of people who have died in Norway throughout the pandemic. And she saw the crowded hospitals in the same state forced to do so Putting corpses in refrigerated trailers Abroad.

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But in recent months, the situation has reversed, and the city opened up during the spring.

Since the last infection halt at the end of March, infection rates have steadily fallen in the big city.

At the end of April, Madball performed in front of a large outdoor crowd in the city.

In the first week of June, New York had an average of 571 new cases per day. Compared to more than 19,000 per day during the highest stop of infection in January of this year.