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Plant protein helps you gain muscle mass and lose weight.  look

Plant protein helps you gain muscle mass and lose weight. look

Consumption of protein supplements has increased significantly in the past five years. A lot of this bubble This is due to awareness of the importance of muscle mass in the body.


Make smart changes to your diet to lose weight
Physical activity is essential

Remember: the accordion effect causes cardiovascular disease and hormonal changes
So, always try to stay in good shape

If you want to lose weight, also increase your fluid intake, such as water, juices and tea.
Avoid common mistakes that delay weight loss

How you get a bad night’s sleep and exercise too much, which exhausts your body
Belly fat is dangerous

Hey Whey proteinWhey protein dominates the market. However, recently, Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (Embrapa) It has launched a protein concentrate that promises to revolutionize the market, made from carioca beans.

It does not necessarily need to replace the famous one wheySince it also has health benefits, it can be a useful choice among plant proteins.

The product will be released commercially soon, and for individuals who are lactose intolerant, or even vegans, it has proven to be a very beneficial alternative.

For those who have difficulty eating foods that are sources of protein, the bean complex should have a more beneficial cost, in addition to providing essential amino acids for health.

It is similar to pea protein, as both belong to the legume group, and have similar nutritional properties. Some of the benefits we highlight in these supplements are also satiety and blood sugar control.

Because the concentrate promises to replace or supplement peas and soybeans, the main protein sources used in the industry vegetarianHowever, the bean product still tends to be more sustainable.

Beans are an ally of health

Bean consumption has been linked to many health signs by science. Even in remission from bowel cancer, it has shown promise, as the food is rich in fibre, which is fuel for gut health.

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Therefore, it is expected that supplements from this food leave nothing to be desired. Always remember to seek professional help before making adjustments to your diet.

thays brito

He is a registered dietitian with a graduate degree in clinical sports nutrition