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Play shows freedom in an 'open world'

Play shows freedom in an ‘open world’

After a brief teaser was revealed yesterday (31).SEGA (via IGN) Bring more details about the gameplay vocal boundaries Wednesday afternoon (01). With the right to preview what awaits players in the “open world” proposal, the hedgehog appears with a great deal of freedom.

Viewing the mechanisms in the platform game, such as speed buffs on the floor, hanging rails for sliding and of course the golden rings, it is possible to notice how the game will be a little different from the usual. paying off:

During the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers, the hedgehog lands a series of strikes on different targets, solves puzzles to open passages and even participates in mini-games scattered around the map. In the displayed content, it was not possible to watch the fight scenes.

Exploration proved to be the main strength of the game at this first moment. We’ll know more details about the game over the past few months, after all, Sonic Team’s promise is Raising the level of excellence And the Still in 2022.

SEGA anticipates the success of Sonic Frontiers

SEGA wants Sonic Frontiers to become a critical and sales success, and therefore, recognizes that critical opinion is essential to achieving this goal. Check what the publisher expects from the work by clicking here!

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