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Play Xbox X Series games on your Xbox One with xCloud

Play Xbox X Series games on your Xbox One with xCloud

Xbox Game Pass He was one of the biggest beneficiaries of E3 2021. Microsoft let us see a series of games that will hit its service in 2021 and 2022. But it’s also true that for the first time, some Xbox Series X-exclusive games have appeared | S and PC made by artistic ambition. However, if you have a file Xbox One And if you thought you’d be left out of the party, you’re wrong.

While both the Xbox X Series and Xbox Series S will be consoles capable of playing games like Starfield and Microsoft Flight Simulator, among other things to come, Xbox One users will still have the option to enjoy them thanks to the cloud. Yes, Microsoft announced xCloud will be available on previous generation devices. So users can run next generation experiences despite the console’s technical limitations.

Remember that xCloud, like any other game streaming infrastructure, is tasked with processing a video game in the meantime Sends the video signal to an app or device.. In this case, of course, it would be the Xbox One. It’s a big blow for Microsoft, not only to boost Xbox Game Pass (xCloud is included in the Ultimate subscription), but also to extend the lifecycle of older hardware.

star field

“For the millions of people playing Xbox One today, we can’t wait to share more about how many next-gen games like Microsoft Flight Simulator are being brought to their console through Xbox Cloud Gaming — just as we do on Xbox One. Redmond,” the company said. which is based in Redmond. Based on Xbox Wire “Mobile devices, tablets, and browsers”.

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Xbox One still has a lot to say

Could this move hurt Xbox X sales? S Series Prime Beyond rarity? Yes it is possible. There will be no reason to say goodbye to your Xbox One anytime soon if the xCloud experience is good. But don’t misunderstand the above: Microsoft isn’t wrong about sacrificing some sales of its next-generation platform. The fact is that a few years ago it became clear that Attracting Xbox Game Pass subscribers is Redmond’s top priority.It doesn’t matter where they come from…