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PlayStation is determined to bet on its most popular game

PlayStation is determined to bet on its most popular game

a Bloomberg I brought up a story – By Jason evil – reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment (Your presence) On its biggest studio responsible for the titles and critically acclaimed players. Hence, the Japanese company’s gaming division is not willing to bet on it Projects Smaller or newConcessions“.

According to the publication, the Your presence Then she would have refused to give the “green light” for the continuation of “Days Gone”, a title that was released in 2019 and reached the market with Interactions Mixed players. That way, the producer responsible for ‘Days Gone’, Bend Studio, was responsible for working on the The project An “unknown” secret under the umbrella of Naughty Dog. This decision by Sony is said to have caused uneasiness and may have prompted several Ben Studio executives and employees to leave the studio.

Apparently, the studio staff was afraid of being absorbed by Naughty Dog. However, Sony decided to remove Bend Studio from this The project From the “Uncharted” series they are, Allegedly, Action at the moment in another place The project.

It is also known that, based on its strategy of betting on its biggest successes, Sony decided to approve a “remake” of “The Last of Us” by Naughty Dog. The original was released in straight PlayStation 3 end of life in 2013, and it was released the following year on PlayStation 4. Apparently, Sony now has an idea to introduce its first ‘The Last of Us’ game to PlayStation 5.

Remember, ‘The Last of Us Part II’ was released for PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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