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Imagem de: PlayStation London Studio trabalha em novo jogo multiplayer de fantasia

PlayStation London Studio is working on a new multiplayer fantasy game

PlayStation London Studio is developing a new multiplayer IP in a fictional world. The announcement of a vacancy in narrative design brings some additional details about the mysterious project, which has been revealed to be a game as a service.

“At PlayStation London Studio, we’re on a mission to deliver great award-winning games. Our next multiplayer game for PS5 will focus on a brand new iP, and we’re very excited about it.” – she says Post about vacancy announcement.

The text doesn’t even mention that it will be a game as a service, but the job description in the game makes it clear:

  • Develop an intriguing, dramatic storyline and global tradition that will serve as the basis for a story for years to come.
  • Create an initial campaign to introduce the world and characters, then an ongoing campaign to develop the narrative and introduce new content.
  • Design and implementation of narrative delivery systems, such as interactions with quest setters, reactions to characters, collectible information, combat narratives, etc.

The game seems to follow a formula to divide or Saucepanwhere the player plays a main campaign to learn the gameplay and history of the game world, and then engages in multiplayer in new missions that emerge over the years.

Remember that Sony Bought a bungee As of late, the company seems to be really investing in having some games as a service under its wing for years to come.

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