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Pokemon GO: What happened to Nihilego and Professor Willow?

Pokemon GO: What happened to Nihilego and Professor Willow?

Nihilego toured Ultra Beast (UB) Pokemon GO During the first edition of GO Fest Season 7 of the Augmented Reality game. The false appearance of Nihilego, along with the disappearance of Professor Willow, are among the mysteries presented At the start of the GO season, the latest journey within the Niantic title.

Little is known yet about what happened to Professor Willow and when the coaches will be given another chance to fight Nihilego. The truth is that the season should give a lot of importance to the Ultra Beasts (UB) and all the legends of parallel universes that were introduced in the franchise in games. pokemon sun & the moon.

How to catch Nihilego?

Nihilego was the first Ultra Beast to appear in Pokemon GO. The monster with rocky proportions and venom made its surprising debut on day two of two raids of this season’s first GO Fest on July 7. Nihilego is weak against the Ground, Psychic, Steel, and Water types, a fact that makes monsters like Excadrill, Groudon, and Rhyperior great tools against UB.

After a few hours, Nihilego disappeared without leaving a trace in the game. The boss who missed the chance to capture this legendary creature, must follow the progression of the game’s story or the next GO Fest to ensure a new opportunity.

In console games, Ultra Beasts travel between dimensions using what are called Ultra Wormholes. It is interesting that the first scene of pokemon sun & the moon Nihilego also appears in a sudden passage across the land.

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Sun and Moon Games opened a scene with Nihilego on Earth. (Photo: Playback / The Pokémon Company)

Pokémon GO Fest 2022 will continue with in-person events and remote activities in Berlin (Germany), Seattle (USA) and Sapporo (Japan). The celebration will still be a closing, with a final and global event on August 27.

What happened to Professor Willow?

As the second day of Pokémon GO Fest begins, Ultra Wormholes have formed in the game’s skies, revealing Nihilego in five-star raids. It was at this moment that Professor Willow disappeared and played Niantic Introduced Rhi, a mysterious member of the GO Recon Ultra Squadron.

During the event, Ultra Wormholes appeared in the game’s sky. Ultra Wormholes are portals to other dimensions through which Ultra Beasts travel from their home, Ultra Space, to the Pokémon world.

Even as the players banded together to defeat Nihilego, Professor Willow finished the first leg of the season still missing. So we still don’t know what happened to the character. In addition to the inquisitive individual from the Ultra GO Recon Squad, Team GO Rocket has been spotted near Ultra Wormholes.

Ultra Wormhole was the highlight of the second day of GO Fest! (Photo: Disclosure/Niantic)

Pokemon GO Available for free for iOS and Android phones, through the Google Play Store and Apple Store.