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Pokémon Unite will receive a translated version in PT-BR and other news

Pokémon Unite will receive a translated version in PT-BR and other news

Released in July for the Nintendo Switch and in September for mobile devices, Pokémon Unite has already managed to conquer a large fanbase, hit big records and become one of the year’s good surprises for 2021. And TiMi Studio seems interested in keeping the game “High”.

If she is! The developer revealed, yesterday, December 8, some plans for the end of this year and the first month of next year. Even better, the promises include an addition that will get Brazilian fans even more involved in the game… Let’s check out the details?

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Using a special trailer to reveal the news coming to the awesome Pokémon Unite during the holiday season, TiMi Studio also talked about some news that will debut in the game between December of this year and January of next year. Take a look at this video…

According to the information, Pokémon Dragonite will debut on MOBA on December 20th and promises to be another playable character packed with many cool attractions. In addition, this premiere will be accompanied by a series of themed items and events.

In the event of events, we will have activities that will start throughout December and end in January. In general, players will be able to enjoy the news of conflicts, daily quests and challenge pictures in the best style of Pokemon Snap.

Finally, TiMi Studio also confirmed that the game will have a translated version in Brazilian Portuguese in January 2022. Yes, in the first month of next year, Brazilian players will be able to enjoy the game without any language barriers.

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And that’s it! As you may have noticed, Pokémon Unite will ensure a busy end to this year for players and provide an equally interesting start to 2022. Logically, for Brazilian players, the confirmation of the release in PT-BR has been a luxury bonus. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of it. To the next…