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„Polska jest częścią Unii Europejskiej; wyciąganie zdania marszałek Sejmu Elżbiety Witek z kontekstu nie służy jakości debaty publicznej” - powiedział dziś premier Mateusz Morawiecki.

“Poland is here, not the Union.” The Prime Minister commented on Wytech’s words

“Poland is part of the European Union; Prime Minister Matos Moravsky said today that segregation of Sezm Marshal Elbeeta Whitteck’s opinion from the context would not help the quality of public debate.

The head of state was asked at a conference after a meeting of the Crisis Committee in Krakow on Saturday’s speech by Sezm Marshal Elipeta Wytek at a rally in Otto (Lubusky Province). During a meeting with residents, Marshall Whitteck asked one of the protesting women: Here, madam, Poland and not Union. Poland is here. Here is Otyń, Poland has always been in Europe for over two thousand years.

Poland is part of the European Union and the quality of public debate is certainly not good to be taken from context – Said Prime Minister Moraviski.

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He also pointed out that “a group of enemies watching this meeting” behaved “very aggressively” during the rally. Such aggressive, violent reactions should not happen because it spoils the quality of public debate and unnecessarily raises the temperature of political controversy. – Added.

Rieszard Terlecki also commented on Marshall’s statement. The politician said, “There is no doubt that Poland is in the EU.” We will not stop being Polish, on the contrary, we want to strengthen the Polish state. We are not going to leave the EU – He pointed out.

Another report by Elipeta Wytech was also commented on in the media. Addressing a group of government protesters who disrupted the rally, the Sage speaker called for a “crude abandonment” of taking money from the “bad Ba’athist government”. If I do not agree with the decisions of the government, I will never take anything from such government – Said Whitech.

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Terlecki pointed out that at meetings like this, people appear to question Pais’ social program. Then it makes sense, there is the question of whether they benefit from this government support, it usually turns out that they are he said.

Here is a specific paradox. If anyone thinks this program is unnecessary and harmful, why use it? Of course, the 500-plus plan is designed so that everyone who meets the conditions involved is entitled to it, regardless of whether they support the government or not. Added.

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During such rallies and discussions, arguments are often made – the politician explained why this project, it is better to allocate this money to something else.

Deputy Law and Justice Radoswa Fokil noted that Marshall Whitteck’s report should be quoted in its entirety. He said: If “I” had been in this place and “I” had opposed the government with such determination, “I” would have done this he said.

The explanations that Marshall wants to limit anything to anyone are very unreasonable Fogiel insisted.