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"Poland protects EU outer border"

“Poland protects EU outer border”

Commenting on the events on the Belarus-Poland border on Monday, the Dutch Foreign Minister said that Belarus was “treating refugees like cannon fodder”. Ben Naban stressed that Poland protects the EU’s outer border and described the behavior of its eastern neighbors as “inhumane”.

It is disrespectful to consider the people as weapons in the struggle against the EU

– Naben told the lower house of parliament (tweet cameras). The head of the foreign ministry told Dutch parliamentarians that 55 flights a week from the Middle East would arrive in Belarus this winter.

A terrible opportunity

The minister fears that humanitarian tragedy could ensue in the cold winter conditions.

Dutch media report on the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border at the forefront of news services. They are reminded that the Belarusian regime is deliberately diverting immigrants to the Polish border.

Many refugees come straight from Moscow to Belarus

– The Telegraph writes daily, emphasizing that the Belarusian dictator has the full support of President Vladimir Putin in his attempt to destabilize the West.

Lukashenko retaliates for EU sanctions for human rights abuses

– Algemeen Dagblad writes daily.

Intimidation of Lukashenko

The EU is threatened by a dictator and you cannot submit to him

– Says Bob Dean of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendale, the newspaper quoted.

Dean says tough sanctions should be imposed because “the EU must help Poland.”

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