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Police confirm shooting in suburban Los Angeles – NRK Eurex – Foreign news and documentaries

Ten people were killed in the shooting. Five women and five men.

As of Sunday afternoon, the perpetrator has yet to be arrested.

Police are working hard to catch him, says Los Angeles Sheriff, Robert Luna.

– We have deployed all available resources to catch the suspect. I see it in their eyes. They want to catch this guy, and they will.

Shortly after 17:30 he held a press conference with the rest of the police department.

– We are interviewing many witnesses, and we ask you to understand that it takes time, says Luna.

Police are working hard to catch the perpetrator, says Los Angeles Sheriff Robert Luna.

Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP

Get descriptions of the offender

Much remains uncertain.

Police have few descriptions of the perpetrator, but assume he is between 35 and 50 years old and possibly Asian.

The motive also remains unknown.

There are also at least ten injured. Police said the condition of some of them is critical.

The police will not say anything about the weapon that was used.

The mass shooting took place inside a dance club where many people were celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Monterey Park has a large population of Chinese descent and the shooting occurred in an area where Chinese New Year was celebrated. Thousands of people were on hand to take part in the festivities when the shooting took place.


Police are searching for an Asian man after the mass shooting near Los Angeles.

Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters

– Move away from the scene

Police received a report of the shooting in Monterey Park just before 10:30pm on Saturday – around 7:30am on Sunday NST.

The Los Angeles Times describes the shooting as one of the worst mass shootings in the city’s recent history.

The perpetrator has not yet been arrested, twelve hours after the shooting.

— Police Captain Andrew Meyer said during a brief press conference in Los Angeles, California, Sunday morning that the suspect fled the scene and is still at large.

Vice President: – This violence must stop

US Vice President Kamala Harris said the administration is now focused on supporting local governments.

A time of cultural celebration and another community being torn apart by senseless gun violence. She says this violence must stop.

Harris recalls that she herself is from California, where the mass shooting took place.

President Biden and I and our administration will continue to fully support local authorities until we learn more.

US Vice President Kamala Harris boasted about Norway's efforts in Afghanistan.

US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke after the mass shooting.

Photo: Evelyn Hochstein/AFP

Police photos and videos

Photos and videos on social media on Sunday show a large presence of the police and other emergency services after the shooting.

Many of the injured were taken to hospitals in the area, but there was not much detail available about the number of injured or dead before the police confirmed that ten people had been killed.

– I thought it was fireworks, says an eyewitness and a neighbor.

– It’s horrible that something like this could happen here.

Eyewitnesses heard gunshots

Talk to two other witnesses BNO News. They say they heard gunfire.

They also believed that it was first about fireworks in connection with the Chinese New Year.

The celebration in Monterey Park – which has a large percentage of the population of Chinese descent – is one of the largest in the area. Tens of thousands of visitors were expected during the two-day holiday, the Los Angeles Times writes.

Past events in Monterey Park have drawn over 100,000 visitors per day from all over the Southern California area.

According to the BBC, this year marks the first time that Chinese New Year is celebrated as a public holiday in the United States.

Police patrol the scene along Garvey Street

The shooting took place in Monterey Park, an area where the Chinese New Year is celebrated.


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