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Police in the East warn: - Cars stop on E6 to scratch the roads

Police in the East warn: – Cars stop on E6 to scratch the roads

E6 Andelva on Friday at 17.10.

Frost haze causes problems for motorists in eastern Norway. Many stop on the E6 to scratch the roads.


– Due to the special weather conditions in the area, we are receiving reports of several cars having frost on their windshields while driving and cars stopping on E6 to scratch the windows. Be careful, Ost police wrote on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Problems are high at Romerike, but also low at Østfold.

It’s a fog situation, operations manager Terry Marstad says, which in below-zero temperatures causes roads to become slippery and roads to freeze to ice.

– Now those on the road must drive the car defroster at full power. If it’s too hot, take off jackets and hats and let the windshield and windows air in. You are Should You have a point. If you don’t have it, Marstad says, stop.

He would highly recommend people not to stop on the E6 and he also has some obvious appeals to motorists.

– When they see so little vision that they have to stop to scrape out the windows, their vision has been poor for a long time. It doesn’t happen in a second. Feel free to pull the E6 out a long time to be in a safe place when scraping.

Traffic operator Vegtrafikksentralen Turid Nyman stresses the importance of driving according to the conditions and keeping a good distance from other vehicles.

– If it is necessary to scratch the road, you should stop in a suitable place, for example at a bus shelter or at the side of the road.

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Journalist Siri Sønstelie in Romerikes Blad itself had vision problems on the road from Jessheim to Lillestrøm.

A comprehensive crisis. The windshield froze to ice while I was driving. There were cars everywhere on the sides and at all the turns scratching the roads. If there are no more accidents now, I don’t know, says Sønstelie Newspaper.

Police stated that they had so far had one accident in Mogreina in Ullensaker where a car collided with a tow truck.

– No personal injury issue. The Bilberger was standing with a lot of bright lights, so that may be due to a lack of care, Marstad says.

The Operations Manager thinks it may get worse during the evening.

– If you never have to drive, you should leave the car, he tells NTB.