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On Saturday, January 7, the police stopped Nichols’ photos when he was driving a car in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

The 29-year-old black family man was pulled over for reckless driving, according to a police statement.

When he was pulled over, an altercation reportedly called for the police to use pepper spray. Nichols then attempted to flee the scene, according to District Attorney Steve Mulroy.

Arguments continued nearby, with Nichols seriously injured, Reuters writes.

Three days later, Nichols succumbed to his injuries.

Tire Nichols passed away on January 10 after being violently abused by police officers in Memphis, USA.

Photo: Facebook/DeAndre Nichols/Reuters

I screamed at my mom

The incident was caught on the police officers’ video camera. The recordings were announced on Saturday night, Norwegian time.

It shows, among other things, how Tire was held to the ground by two police officers while another police officer kicked him.

Screenshot from video released by Memphis authorities showing police handling Nichols' photos.

Screenshot from video released by Memphis authorities showing police handling Nichols’ photos.

Photo: Memphis Police Department/Reuters

The last words we hear in the video recording are Nichols screaming at his mother three times, while being beaten – about a hundred yards from his mother’s house.

An independent autopsy will show that Nichols “suffered from severe bleeding as a result of the severe beating,” he writes Watchman. He weighed about 65 kilograms, while all police officers weighed more than 90 kilograms.

– It was a human pinata for police officers. Not only was it violent, it was brutal, says the family’s attorney, Antonio Romanucci.


Rodney Wills was Tire Nichols’ stepfather. Shown here with a photo of Nichols from his hospital bed after his meeting with the police.

Photo: Jordan James/Associated Press

Nichols’ family members and attorneys had previously been shown video of the attack, which District Attorney Mulroy said lasted three minutes. Nichols’ stepfather describes that the cops kicked his stepson the same way and with the same force he used to kick a soccer ball.

said Nichols’ mother, RowVaughn Wells CNN She already understood that her son would not survive when she arrived at the hospital and saw his condition.

His head swelled like a watermelon. His neck cracked from swelling. Wells said: They broke his neck.


Tyre Nichols’ mother, RowVaughn Wells, was naturally devastated after the accident.

Photo: Gerald Herbert/Associated Press


The police officers, who are also black, remained eviction from their positions with the Memphis Police Department last week. The accident will be investigated by the authorities.

An internal investigation concluded that they had broken several guidelines, including the use of excessive violence.

The five policemen, who range in age from 24 to 32, are charged with, among other things, murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, misconduct and official oppression. Fox News He writes that four of the five have been released after posting bail.

All five will go to trial on February 17.

Five US police officers accused of killing Nichols Photos.  From left: Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills Jr., Emmett Martin III, Justin Smith, and Tadarios Bean.

Accused: Five US police officers charged with murder. From left: Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills Jr., Emmett Martin III, Justin Smith, and Tadarios Bean.

Photo: MPD/Reuters

Expect riots

Memphis Chief of Police Cerelyn Davis compares the incident to this Rodney King was beaten by the police in 1991. This led to major riots that lasted for several days, during which more than 50 people were killed and 2,300 injured.

Police Chief Davis encourages protests, as long as they are peaceful.

– I expect you to feel angry. Our police officers took an oath unlike what appears in the video. I expect our citizens to exercise their constitutional right to protest, to demand action and results, Davis said at a news conference Thursday.

David Rausch, director of the Tennessee Department of Corrections, was sick when he saw the footage.

– What happened does not reflect proper policing. Rausch says that was a mistake.

Protests are underway

Police across the United States have recently been preparing for a riot that may come in connection with the arrest video that has now been released.

Protests were already underway in Memphis, Washington, Atlanta, Georgia and New York when the video was released.

In Memphis, protesters blocked a bridge near downtown.

– No justice, no peace, chanted about 200 demonstrators, writes CNN.

Police try to remove a protester from a police car in New York, USA, on January 27, 2023

Police try to remove a protester from a police car in New York, USA, on January 27, 2023

Photo: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Biden is raging

US President Joe Biden expressed his outrage after seeing the footage.

Like many others, I was furious. In a statement, Biden said it was heartbreaking to see the violence in the footage that led to the death.

At the same time, people are required to behave peacefully at any demonstrations.

– As we grieve, and the Department of Justice conducts its investigation, I join the Nichols family in calling for peaceful protests. Anger is understandable, Biden says, but violence is never acceptable.

Tyre Nichols’ mother has previously called for peaceful demonstrations.

US President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden spoke with Nichols’ family on Friday afternoon.


The president met with reporters on Friday evening, where he said he expressed his condolences in conversations with Tire’s parents.

Each year, more than 1,000 people are killed by police in the United States, according to the Police Mapping police violence. Blacks face nearly three times the risk of dying in police custody as whites.

Nichols’ death is a painful reminder that more must be done to ensure our criminal justice system delivers on its promise of justice, is impartial, and provides equal treatment and dignity for all, says the President of the United States.

Portraits of Nichols will be buried on Wednesday, February 1, according to a press release from the church, according to CNN.

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