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Police: – threw the son (6) at the crocodiles

Police: – threw the son (6) at the crocodiles

Two parents in the Indian state of Karnataka in Uttara Kannada district have been accused of throwing their son to crocodiles.

The 36-year-old man and 36-year-old woman are facing murder charges after the latter dragged their six-year-old son into a canal known for its abundance of crocodiles.


According to CNN affiliate News18, the disabled boy was suffering from speech and hearing difficulties.

Moreover, the parents are said to have had a huge argument, after which the mother threw the six-year-old into the canal.

Nordman was sentenced to life imprisonment

Hindustan Times wrote that the father accused the mother that the son was disabled. He is said to have asked his mother several times to “get rid of” her son.

– My husband is responsible. He kept saying our son should die. He repeatedly asked me to let him die, the mother reportedly told reporters at the scene.

And alert the neighbors

The incident occurred in Halmadi village in Dandeli on Saturday evening. The next day, the six-year-old was found. It must have been the neighbors who alerted the police.

Girl (14) Gang rape: Ten young men suspected

Girl (14) Gang rape: Ten young men suspected

The police report shows that the boy's body was full of bite marks and that his right hand was missing.

The parents are in custody. They do not appear to have been appointed as defender.

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