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Polio immunization completes 10 years with reduced health function commitment

Polio immunization completes 10 years with reduced health function commitment


Low vaccination coverage is a major concern in Brazil

Brazil has not detected cases of polio since 1989
© Pixabay / David MarkBrazil has not detected cases of polio since 1989

10 years ago, like jotenha It has gained a powerful ally to keep polio out of Brazilian children: inactivated vaccine against poliomyelitiswhose intramuscular injection They are considered more effective and safer than the famous drops that eradicated the disease in Brazil and in much of the world. Despite this, the anniversary of this vaccine is ten years ago in National Immunization Program (PNI) It is remembered with concern in August of this year by researchers and health authorities: While the disease is re-emerging in some parts of the world, vaccination coverage against polio in Brazil Farther and further away from the goal of protecting 95% of children.

The inactivated polio vaccine was introduced in 2012 in two doses, but was expanded to three doses in 2016. a NIBP It recommends giving it at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, giving immunity that is only enhanced at 15 months and 4 years of age, with oral vaccine drops. According to the Information System of the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI), the expected doses of inactivated vaccine against the poliomyelitis The target was last reached in 2015, when coverage was 98.29% of babies born that year.

After 2016, coverageura fell below 90%, to 84.19% in 2019. In 2020, a pandemic has spread COVID-19 It affected the coverage of many vaccines, and this immunization factor reached only 76.15% of children. In 2021, which may still have data released in the system, the percentage was below 70% for the first time, with 69.9%.

If the country percentage indicates a scenario in which three out of 10 children have not been vaccinated, then Situation It may be worse in regional reading. While in the south it is 79% and in the north it is 61%. The worst situation, according to the data commission, is Amap√°, with only 44% immunized children.

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