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Windows 11 Windows 10 Microsoft desempenho testes

Poor performance tests for Windows 10 from Microsoft

Longer than expected, Windows 11 has come online, with all the news expected to be known soon. This is the first release that is supposed to be a build with a little bit of time, but still far from the final release.

Therefore, all attention is focused on the default changes and what Windows 11 brings to users. However, there are those who bet on measuring the benefits and comparing with Windows 10. The differences are there and even significant.


Despite it being a seemingly new system, the similarities with Windows 10 are there. The basis of these systems appears to be the same and what is offered is also similar in many respects. However, in the basics, the changes are there.

moving forward, Someone decided Measure the performance of the new system and compare the results with the previous version. Using an identical hardware base, well-known measurement software was used for this evaluation.

The first evaluation was based on Geekbench, where the results were very similar, within a margin of error. The first difference appears in PCMark 10, where the results begin to tilt towards Windows 10, contrary to what was expected.

In the continuation of the tests, Speedometer 2.0 was used, which evaluates browsers. Here the italic variation of Windows 10 shows itself again. In this case, the difference in current browser versions is presented as a possible justification.

Windows 11 Windows 10 Microsoft Performance Test

Finally, the Cinebench R23 and 3DMark Night Raid apps were used. In the first case, the result is the same when using one core, but everything changes when processing multiple streams, with a loss of 10%. In the second application, there was a 4% difference, which again leans towards Windows 10.

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Of course, this version may still be far from being improved. Microsoft is definitely working on creating the best possible version of Windows 11, which it will announce on the 24th at any event. On that day everything will be revealed, with all the changes and improvements.