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Poorly digested grammar of the globalized blockbuster

Poorly digested grammar of the globalized blockbuster

The concept of “the world” – we can avoid

Movie Introduction to the Popular PlayStation Video Game Series, Untitled In his first adventure his guide (Mark Wallberg) imagines the young years of his hero, Nathan Drake (Tom Holland): the most ancient treasure hunt extends to all four corners of the world, with the most evil villains and many puzzles, maps, and symbols to understand.

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This long-awaited adaptation – the project passed like a hot potato between many filmmakers and actors – seeks to captivate all audiences (both adults who are nostalgic for the game and young people who suffer from epilepsy of superhero films) by its very symbolic rights to the entire memory of American action film. From the art of motion Impossible goal Goes through an adventure movie coded by HollywoodIndiana Jones At Caribbean island pirates – Many fantasies are digested here by the mind-blowing grammar of the globalized blockbuster.

In short, the film can only transcend its misguided ambition: to transform a video game into a cinema that is greatly inspired by cinema. Also, if it returns from where it came from, (better) only a pale copy of a photocopy.

American film by Ruben Fleischer. Tom Holland, Mark Wallberg, with Sophia Taylor Ali (1h56).

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