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Poorly digestible link to Benfica's flamingo

Poorly digestible link to Benfica’s flamingo

Victor Rodriguez


Internally, the lack of harmony between the players and the technical team is acknowledged. The directors’ patience filled the lack of quality of exhibitions and their results with the two opponents

Another reason that supports the (poor) internal evaluation of Jorge Jesus has to do with Flamengo and the presence of two directors in Portugal, Marcos Praz and Bruno Spindel, to try and appoint a Benfica coach, as is the case in general. .

Even with the authorization of President Rui Costa, senior management believes that the coach should have run events differently, postpone the meeting, and not expose himself to pose for a photo with businessman Bruno Macedo – who works with Flamengo, Jesus and could even be one to arrange departure and return to Mingao – or give answers via Whatsapp to Brazilian journalists a few hours away from the derby match with FC Porto, which Jesus failed to stop for 15 days, and he returned on his next visit to the Blue and White field.

The defeat against FC Porto, in addition to the quality of the performance, was not very poorly absorbed by the Benfica leaders, so the future of technical leadership will be subject to analysis by officials over the next few hours, and Rui Costa may have to, himself, take a step forward to clarify the current moment he is passing by Benfica and announces a possible expulsion that would cost the salary payment for the missing half of the season (about two million euros in total), to be paid in full or in a progressive manner, by Benfica or, Luz believes, by … Flamengo.

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