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Pope Francis denies resignation rumors: 'Not yet' |  world and science

Pope Francis denies resignation rumors: ‘Not yet’ | world and science

Pope Francis has denied rumors of a possible resignation and a cancer diagnosisFrance Press agency

Posted on 05/07/2022 13:26

VATICAN – Nine days after the conclave elected the new Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has denied rumors of a possible resignation in the coming months. In an exclusive interview with “Reuters”, he first publicly showed details of the chronic problem in his right knee and also revealed that he sustained a small fracture when he took a wrong step during a ligament inflammation.

“All these coincidences have made some believe that the same ‘liturgy’ will happen. But it never crossed my mind. Not yet, not yet. Really! … I’m fine, I’m slowly getting better,” he said.

In June, the religious used a wheelchair on some occasions. However, sugarcane has become an indispensable supplement during the recovery process. The recent fracture, which was treated with laser and magnetic therapy, delayed the Pope’s trip to Africa. In the interview, Pope Francis also denied another rumor that he had cancer.

“They didn’t say anything about it,” he said sweetly.

In the recovery period, Pope Francis had to postpone a series of appointments. However, it is inseparable from serious problems around the world, such as the issue of illegal deforestation, the lack of protection for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and the war that devastated Ukraine after the military invasion of Russia. The Pope confirmed his plans to visit Canada in July. Thus, the “peace mission” in Moscow and Kiev became a priority.

“I would like to go (to Ukraine), and I would like to go to Moscow first. The first thing is to go to Russia to try to help in some way, but I would like to go to both capitals,” Francis said. .

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