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Porpoising in F1 22 could have been a 'really unpleasant experience for the player'

Porpoising in F1 22 could have been a ‘really unpleasant experience for the player’

despite of You can read our review And some players already have early access to it, f1 22 officially launches today for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and as part of our coverage, we sat down with EA Creative Director Lee Mather to learn more about the ins and outs of this year as well as the supercar industry.

“Obviously, when the season started, we pretty much shut down the rules of physics,” Mather says in the video below about crypto margins who usually add mid-season changes when asked about nefarious effects. porpoises and bottoms. “We didn’t close the season standings, it’s something that always changes and fluctuates, and we update the car after launch as well. Just to make sure we were right and it’s not really comfortable to play, because if you’re in a car and it bounces around the eye it pays off. If you look at the screen, What the screen does literally is bounce, so it was a very unpleasant experience, and in VR too people may have seen the feeling is not quite that great. We were hoping it would actually be solved in sports, but it seems like a lot of teams are still having problems with it. It’s one Of those things, although it’s part of the sport, I shouldn’t wish you were part of the sport for much longer. But it would have been a very unpleasant experience for the player.”

Adjustments due to bigger tires in 2022

Additionally, we also discussed this year’s larger tires that take a while to reach the ideal temperature.

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“This is very interesting,” Mather explains. “What we’ve done is not just follow what we have to do by the rules, but we’re constantly striving to improve our tire model.” “One of the biggest changes you’ll discover is the feel of the amount of bite you get from the tire. It feels very straight and very precise. It doesn’t turn a little bit more before the top, it goes to the top and the car feels really straight when it gets into the slider, it’s a very quick action, but Very captivating. Doesn’t feel lazy, looks like you’d expect it to. There’s a degree of weight to it because the cars are heavier this year, so you definitely feel it with the physics but also with the tires, given the extra non-existent weight you get from the 18″ wheel and change The tire package try again.So it’s a combination of what they did with the sport that we’ve recreated, but also the big step we made in several areas: the model of the tire, the way the transmission works and also the way the suspension works, because the suspension plays an important role in it more than Ever this year, because previously at 13” with the high sidewall tire the tire worked as a shock absorber somewhat, while now there isn’t. The suspension does all the work because the tires are more discreet, so again there’s been a change in the way it works It has the entire system together.”

How much do you like to simulate recreating real racing conditions? Leave a comment below.

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