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Portal da Ciência performs live on the third wave of Covid-19 in Manaus

Portal da Ciência performs live on the third wave of Covid-19 in Manaus

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the Science Gate carry out a alive With the participation of a researcher from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Viocruz), Felipe Navaka, this Wednesday (2/2). In the chat that will start at 7 PM (Manaus time), the topic will be “The third wave of Covid in Manaus, in addition to other topics such as the micron variant and children’s vaccination.

The portal is a scientific publishing initiative linked to the research group trukanofrom the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust).

The head of the Trokano research group, Alan Solzhenitsyn, explained that the main goal of the live broadcast is to inform people, with scientific data, about the new micron variant and what the predictions are for the development of the epidemic in Amazonas and Brazil.

Felipe Navica, researcher at Vuecruz. Photo: Fiocruz / clone

He pointed out that “disseminating scientific knowledge about disease, epidemic, virus, and the variable, so that people can customize this knowledge and can, in this way, better protect themselves and make informed decisions in the face of the epidemic.”

Alan reported that Science Gate Since 2020 and programming will continue in 2022. At least two conversations will be held per month, on topics of interest to society and related to science.

How to watch the live broadcast

This Wednesday, it will be broadcast live for free from 19 PM (Manaus time) – 20 PM (Brasilia time), on the Portal da Ciência YouTube channel (Science Portal) and on the Facebook page (Tweet embed).


Guest Felipe Naveca is a researcher at Fiocruz, who has pioneered the sequencing of coronavirus DNA in the north of the country. He is also the coordinator of a study that revealed new variants circulating in Brazil.

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He is a scientist at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute’s Flavivirus Laboratory (IOC / Fiocruz), in Rio de Janeiro, and the Laboratory of Ecology of Infectious Diseases in the Amazon (ILMD / Fiocruz Amazônia).

Science Gate

The Science Gateway was developed by professors and students of the Journalism and Public Relations course at the College of Media and Communication (FIC/I trust).


Event: Lives with FuCruz researcher Felipe Navica
data: Wednesday 2 February 2022
time: 7 pm – Manaus time
flow: Through the Science Gate YouTube channel (Science Portal) and on the Facebook page (Tweet embed)