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Porto Alegre exceeds 200 cases of dengue fever since January – Radio Guaiba

Porto Alegre exceeds 200 cases of dengue fever since January – Radio Guaiba

Republika Srpska already had 3,081 infected people in 2023

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The number of confirmed dengue cases has reached 201 since January in Porto Alegre. A week ago, there were 98 cases. According to the data updated daily by the state health ministry, the capital has already recorded 187 authentic cases, when the patient is infected without leaving the city.

According to the Municipal Health Secretariat, two neighborhoods in the eastern region – Vila São José and Vila João Pessoa – with continuous transmission of dengue have concentrated the most confirmed cases, so far, in 2023.

On Tuesday, the Health Surveillance Board (DVS) of SMS resumes the chemical blocking operation against the vector mosquito – Aedes aegypti – using an insecticide from 8:30 am on the streets of Vila São José, such as Ernesto Araujo and Vidal de Negreros. Customers walk around in jackets and badges.

People who have symptoms compatible with dengue, such as a high fever accompanied by body aches, headache, nausea, vomiting, or pain behind the eyes, should seek care as soon as possible after symptoms appear for testing when indicated.

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Since the beginning of the year, the municipality of Encantado, in the Valle do Tacuary, has recorded 866 confirmed cases of the disease since January, almost double the number of Igwe, with 435 cases. Iberuba comes in third, with 205 cases. And in the entirety of Rio Grande do Sul, 3,081 people have been infected, with one death, so far. Of the 51 people who were hospitalized, on Monday, with dengue fever, in hospitals in Rio Grande do Sul, five are receiving care in intensive care units.

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