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Porto champion feast with record points.  Sergio Conceicao admits to leaving - football

Porto champion feast with record points. Sergio Conceicao admits to leaving – football

Sergio Conceicao had a date with history on Saturday and he didn’t miss it. On the day of consecrating the 30th National Champion title, FC Porto won and crossed the 90-point barrier (even one more point), an unprecedented achievement in national football.

The stage has been set. A pinecone stadium to salute the heroes, in a festive atmosphere where everything will be allowed. Conceicao, though, didn’t make it easy. He had the 11th best at the start, except for the position specified in the goal, because only then would it be possible to give banners to the other two goalkeepers in the team as well as Diogo Costa and Marchesin (who will be in the Portuguese Cup final). Claudio Ramos was the start and near the end Mexedo also played. It’s all like a movie script with a happy ending.

The bet at the eleventh celebration demonstrated Conceicao’s ambition: to leave a new mark on the club and on Portuguese football. However, the first part was folded, which is understandable given the festive atmosphere. Evanilson’s abilities, bruaás for the interventions of Zaidu, the new Dragon Hero, and much more. It was precisely from the feet of the Nigerian team in which he was born first for FC Porto, but already in the second half: a fatal cross that Estoril defender Joao Zinho equalized for his goal. If it wasn’t for him, Evanelson would have been well behind in the turn.

After the appearance of the cork, the best port in the game appeared. And a closer version of what the team was during the season. A score of 2-0 was imminent in several moves, one after another. But the ball did not enter again until near the final whistle, pushed by Fernando Andrade, one of the four players who did not play in the league this season. The others are Claudio Ramos, Francisco Mexedo and Ruben Semedo. Perfect afternoon in Dragão. Then the party continued.

Evanelson moves forward
Claudio Ramos –
Premiere in the championship and defense.
Joao Mario – Always under high pressure on the right.
Mpemba – Try to defend the right game, to score.
baby – One of the pillars of the club’s thirtieth title. He’s the boss.
zido – You have great morals. Determined to cross the goal 1-0 in his own net.
Growich – Lots of defensive play, little offensive play.
Vitania – The usual dynamics transform the game and change the collective dynamics.
Octavio – The Portuguese international made a series of crosses with a goal seal.
baby – The regular match for the Brazilian winger that was growing in her level.
Tarime – He hit the post and gave Estoril’s defenders plenty of work.
Francisco Conceicao – Excellent shot. Energetic.
Fabio Vieira – Good passes with the left foot. calm.
Andrade – Three minutes on the field and .. a goal.
Robin Semedo – hero.
F. Meixedo – hero.

Three heroes are playing
Three players who left FC Porto in January are also national champions. They are Luis Diaz (who went to Liverpool and won the FA Cup this Saturday), Sergio Oliveira (Roma) and Coruna (Sevilla).

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“It’s a special day to celebrate a full stadium”

“I’m speechless. That title is great.”
Joao Mario

“It was a long run, and we were both fair winners.”
Robin Semedo“It’s a big moment for us”
Mahdi Termi“It’s not easy but in the end it tastes good”
Claudio Ramos“I dreamed about this, being able to help. That was cool”
Fernando Andrade“Words let me down, I’m so happy”
Francisco Mixido‘We deserved the title, we worked hard’
Fabio Cardoso“This time I managed to be a hero to the end”
Bruno Costa

Conceição fuels taboo: ‘After the cup, you’ll see’

On Saturday, Sergio Conceição said, “The focus is as much as possible on preparing for the Portuguese Cup and then it will show.” .. Now is the time to prepare well for the week and focus on the Portuguese Cup. We will have two days off on this title which took a lot of work to win and then try to win the double. The second. The coach said that Tondela might suffer an injury due to relegation, but they have elements and a team that will create many difficulties.”