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Porto Club E.  Amadora, 2-0 Estrela da Amadora Highlights: Bruno Brigido avoids defeat

Porto Club E. Amadora, 2-0 Estrela da Amadora Highlights: Bruno Brigido avoids defeat

The Tricolors' goalkeeper has stood out en masse for the Dragão

The character of Estrella da Amadora – Bruno Brigido (footnote 6)

They conceded two goals, but the truth is that there was little they could do in both. In fact, the goalkeeper prevented Estrela da Amadora from leaving the Estádio do Dragão facing a heavy defeat, as on at least two occasions he prevented the blue and white from extending their advantage. It was not his fault that the Tricolores did not win in Porto.

Keen to capitalize on some of the tension FC Porto is under due to the last two results, Estrella da Amadora presented himself in Dragao in an uninhibited manner, with a compact block at the back, a densely populated midfield and a dangerous and highly mobile attacking trio. In a way that Ronaldo Tavares caused serious problems against the experienced Pepe, newcomer Otavio and even Diogo Costa, he was denied the goal with an excellent save. In the wings Andre Luiz that it Leo Jabba They were also disturbed in their actions. Defense, Kayalunda Gaspard He made two saves in the first half, but was unable to deflect Galeño's shot to make it 1-0, in a move that saw the ball deflect while still in the goal. Pedro Mendez Before the deflection of Porto's wing. at the goal, Bruno Brigido He prevented Estrela da Amadora from leaving Dragão with a bigger score, making at least three saves with a goal. Leo Jabba was the center of attention and brought nano energy upon his return to his old home.

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Player ratings Amadora star — Bruno Brigido (6), Pedro Mendes (5), Kayalonda Gaspar (6) and Ruben Lima (5); Heverton (4), Leo Cordero (4), Aloisio (5) and Nilton Varela (4); Leo Gaba (6), Ronaldo Tavares (6), Andre Luiz (5), Nano (6), Boca (5), Oakley Booth (4), Kikas (4) and Jean Felipe (5).