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Porto imposes its first defeat on Benfica in the second stage of the championship

Porto imposes its first defeat on Benfica in the second stage of the championship

65-60 victory, at the Dragão Arena, in a match that was the Red Team’s first defeat in the second stage of the Betclic League

Porto imposed their first defeat against Benfica in the second stage of the Portuguese Basketball League, 65-60, in a match in the fifth and penultimate rounds.

The fact that there is so little at stake, because Benfica has already taken the top spot, will be responsible for an overall poor spectacle. In the first half, there was a 23-point tie, which reflects what both teams showed during that period.

Errors followed each other, the pace was very low and FC Porto and Benfica were equally equal in errors on launches and in other seasons, and something improved, but a little, in the second half.

Benfica started better and always led the scoreboard and FC Porto, who were losing by seven points (14-21), recovered and tied, taking advantage of the lack of inspiration embodied at the end of the first half.

The white and blue coach tried to right his side’s error, and this imposed more force on their defensive actions when they were 12-15 behind, wasting space and time for Benfica to maneuver with an initial break.

The White and Blue reaction did not last long and Benfica remained in the lead, reaching 14-21 and ending their offensive production there, while the White and White managed to partially equalize 7-0 and tied 23-23.

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The first ten minutes were the best in this match between the two rivals, and Porto led in the second half and remained there for long periods, until Benfica responded and entered the last period to lose by one point (42-41). .

The quality of the match waned again in the last 10 minutes, but FC Porto made fewer mistakes and knew how to take advantage of Benfica’s many mistakes and punished the team that was behind in the mark and no longer able to recover.

Charlon Clough stood out in the Porto team, having scored 15 points and was the great driver of the team with his speed and no match. Frank Gaines was the least bad at Benfica at times without a flame and thus lost his unbeaten record in the second stage of the competition in a match that featured some squabbling and several stops and lasted over two hours.

A game in the Dragão Arena, in Porto.

Porto – Benfica, 65-60

Halftime: 23-23.

With refereeing by Paulo Marquez, Jorge Cabral and Daniel Oliveira, the teams lined up and scored:

Porto (65): Richard Odomes (12), Bradley Tinsley (2), Jonathan Arledge (5), Michael Morrison (8) and Charlon Clough (15). Also played were Miguel Queiroz (2), Joao Soares (5), Vladislav Voitoso (6), Francisco Amarante (10) and Thiago Almeida.

Coach: Moncho Lopez.

Benfica (60): Frank Gaines (15), Jose Barbosa, Makram Ramadan (6), Wendell Luis (4), Ivan Almeida (10) James Farr (3), Aaron Broussard (8), Arnette Holman (5) also played ), Betino Gomez (4), Jose Silva (5).

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Coach: Norberto Alves.

Marker’s career: 12-15 (10 minutes), 23-23 (half), 42-41 (30) and 65-60 (final).

Attendance: Approximately 1,298 spectators.