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Porto loses ice hockey game to Barcelona

Porto loses ice hockey game to Barcelona

The Porto ice hockey team failed to win the Intercontinental Ice Hockey Cup on Sunday, losing to Barcelona, ​​Spain, 6-3, after overtime, in the final of the 2024 edition, which was held in San Juan, Argentina.

The Dragao team's goals were scored by Carlo Di Benedetto (23 minutes), Rafa (32 minutes), Helder Nunes (48 minutes), while Ignacio Allapart (10 minutes), Sergi Panadero (14 minutes), Pau Bargalo (17 minutes, direct free kick, scored. And 55 n). ) Marc Grau (51m) and Xavi Barroso (52m) won for the Spaniards.

Thus, Barcelona strengthened its first position in the competition standings, with its seventh title, in front of five of its compatriots in the Liceu, while Porto, the winner in 2021, was unable to equal Benfica’s two victories (2013 and 2017).

Competition history

Winning year

2024 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

2023 Tresino, Italy

2021 FC Porto, by

2018 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

2017 Benfica, by

2014 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

2013 Benfica, by

2012 Liceu da Coruña, Spain

2010 Rios, Esp

2008 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

2007 Follonica, Etta

2006 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

2004 Liceu da Coruña, Spain

1998 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

1993 Liceo da Coruña, Spain

1992 OK Barcelos, by

1989 Liceo da Coruña, Spain

1987 Liceo da Coruña, Spain

1985 UVT San Juan, Arg

1983 FC Barcelona, ​​Spain

Ranking of winners:

1. FC Barcelona, ​​7 titles

2. Liceo da Coruña, Spain 5

3. Benfica, vs. 2

4. UVT San Juan, Argentina 1

. OK Barcelos, for 1

. Follonica, eta 1

. Rios, Esp 1

. FC Porto with a score of 1

. Trisino, ETA 1